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Leaders and managers are the keys to unlock organization value 

AMPLIKAI provides a cognitive computing platform for enterprise leaders and managers.

Deep Machine Learning demystifies organizational complexities. AI/AMI affirmatively recasts challenges into planned objectives. Human Focused Design coaches and augments managerial work, reduces stress and uncertainty, and aids better decision-making. AMPLIKAI delivers progressively improving engagement and outcomes throughout all managerial levels, layers, and functions. 

We amplify the abilities and the capacity of each leader and manager, to help them achieve results better, faster, and more predictably.

AMPLIKAI is relevant and effective during any enterprise lifecycle stage - adolescence, growth, maturity, disruption/decline, or rebirth.

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What Sets Us Apart?

AMPLIKAI is as inviting and easy as any SaaS, but underneath we're more capable. We use systems theory approach to stimulate purposeful managerial habits and to speed intentional enterprise innovation.

At any stage of enterprise maturity AMPLIKAI amplifies how leaders and managers learn, understand, internalize, adopt, and integrate. Then become more free to lead, to manage, and to influence. We satisfy the leaders and managers who strive to improve themselves and their enterprises.

AMPLIKAI coaches users into better planning, prioritizing, decision-making, communicating, teaming, and more, with real-time learning, automated embedded analytics, and action-oriented reporting. We amplifiy the impact of any established methods or approaches - like Kaizen, Lean, Agile, Six Sigma, etc. We activate their foundational principles into enterprise-wide managerial action that is purposeful and specific to each situation.

Ours is a system to reinforce targeted change. We use deep machine learning to reveal patterns, and then to generate AI assistants, to provide AI coaching, and to make succinct contextual learning suggestions with learning simulations, within each enterprise. We amplify Organzational Intellectual Capital

Better leaders and managers deliver better enterprise outcomes.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns AMPLIKAI is for Enterprises  

Enterprise leaders and business owners know that their vision, direction, and stimulation are needed to build and sustain value.

AMPLIKAI stimulates faster and more complete adoption of internal stakeholder ideas.

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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns AMPLIKAI is for Advisors and Coaches  

Consultants and advisors bring deep knowledge to enterprise clients. Their difficulty lies in sustaining internalization when they've gone.

AMPLIKAI stimulates faster learning and internalization of imported ideas.

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns AMPLIKAI is for Technology Vendors  

Technology vendors know that slow and arduous adoption will siphon enthusiasm and cause excessive churn.

AMPLIKAI turns adoption weaknesses into strengths and adoption threats into opportunities.

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