AMPLIKAI is a registered Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), with two aims:

  1. to  profit by sustainably improving the ways people lead & manage in organizations, and

  2. to dedicate a portion of our profits & assets to pro bono service to not-for-profit organizations.

We believe in people, we believe that executives & managers have the opportunity for tremendous influence and impact, and we believe we can help them. 

Our cognitive SaaS platform is ideal for companies & organizations with leadership staff sizes in the categories:

  • Emerging: 15-49 leaders/managers

  • Midsize: 50-199 leader/managers

  • Large: 200-799 leaders/managers

We are just as effective with Small (<10 leadership) or Very Large (>800 leadership) organizations ... ask us how.

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AMPLIKAI SaaS & Services are designed to help executive, managers, & leader to reach for their fullest potential by:

  • being adaptable to various methods and naming schemes (Kaizen, Kaikau, Lean Management, Agile, etc.).

  • providing cohesive SaaS features to supplant random unincorporated productivity apps (which can Intellectual Capital).

  • using Deep Learning backend to catalog each individual success patterns of each executive, manager, and leader.

  • generating AI Assistants specific to support and expand success patterns for each executive, manager, and leader.

  • establishing learning goals and creating learning simulations tailored  to each executive, manager, and leader.

  • providing stimulus & reward systems ( short- & long-term), tailored to engage each individual - while conforming to each organization's governance.


The public benefit that we serve to fulfill our PBC charter and to earn our B Corp Certification are:

  1. We assign 20% of our SaaS capacity to pro bono SaaS licensing to not-for-profit organizations. For each 100 paid subscriptions, we donate 20 subscriptions to a non-for-profit and government agency pool. Subscription tokens are donted to qualifying organizations based on votes by our paying subscribers.

  2. We publish abstracts selected from best-practice books, periodicals, and media, "Amplified Leading", under Open Educational Resource licensing, through our own not-for-profit foundation.

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