Client Success Manager (CSM)


Position Summary: The CSM position is to onboard each new client and to manage ongoing relationship with each existing client assigned from our North American Market. Our clients are end-user subscriber organizations. Clients may retain outside consultants, advisors, or coaches who play a role in their intiatives, and when that is true then each respective consultant, advisor, or coach is also co-managed by the CSM in collaboration with an AMPLIKAI Partner Success Manager (PSM) and/or an AMPLIKAI Partner Development Director (PDD).


Maintain working operational product knowledge of the AMPLIKAI platform:

  • Demo

  • Instruction

  • Q&A

  • Future Roadmap

Understand issues for each client and how they can use AMPLIKAI to effect improvements.

Learn & evolve as an exemplar of AMPLIKAI principles.

Communicate & collaborate directly & productively within AMPLIKAI.


Diverse client base.

AMPLIKAI is early stage:

  • Significant workload & workload variation

  • Position may be modified by experience & feedback

  • Product development is ongoing, and specs or priorities may be modified.

CSM must redirect clients to productive work when they are often in turmoil, experiencing varying degress of internal conflict regarding the very intiatives for change, evolution, or reorganization for which AMPLIKAI is intended to help.

Must Have

Personal & professional situational awareness.

Past evidence of advanced business or organizational knowledge, experience, or learning.

Past evidence of conceptual ability & abstract reasoning which can be applied to problem-solving and activity prioritization.

Past evidence of advanced capability to convince, persuade, negotiate, & conclude satisfactory organizational outcomes, with integrity.

Past evidence of involvement in or experience with leading, managing, or guiding individuals or organizations through difficult situations.

What's great about positions at AMPLIKAI?

  • Stimulating deep-learning envirenment both with clients and internal.
  • We anticpate few (if any) unwanted plateaus or barriers, our environment encourages continuous evolution and our needs are outpacing available staff, in both scope and diversity.
  • Direct enagagement with clients' top management is both stimulating & challenging. Each encounter may be a high-stakes learning experience.
  • Generous current compensation & future upsides tied to AMPLIKAI growth.
  • Career advancement possible into as-yet undefined roles.
Position Complexity:
Position Variability:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Position Security:
Position Stability
CSM Team / Company Size:

1 / 3

Per Subsriber CLTV


Expected Clients Retention:

60 months

Company Growth:


Company Maturity:



Healthcare, dental, vision, life insurance, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA).


All leave types (holiday, vacation, sick) consolidated into generous interchangeable PTO allowance.

Travel & Expenses

Approved out of pocket expenses promptly reimbursed.

Discount Programs

Brand-name product and services in categories like travel, electronics, health, fitness, cellular, and more

Flexible Location

Combined office, work-at-home, and work-at-client.

Sponsored Events

Periodic Lunches, Mixers, & Happy Hours, Annual Big Day Event (or Trip).

Fitness Activity

Company subsidized and/or sponsored fitness activities with colleagues.

Eat & Drink

Coffees, teas, and snacks pantries at all office locations.